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Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
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Tuesday 30 Sha'baan 1442 / 13 April 2021

Allah Ta'aala says in Quran:
The Allah-fearing ones will be in gardens and bliss.
Enjoying what their Lord will have given to them; and their Lord will have saved them from the punishment of Hell.
(Surah Toor, verse 17-18)

VACANCIES To advertise a vacancy
call 073 183 0721 / 065 942 5923 for pricing
Warehouse Clerk for Raw Material. Entity based in Crown Mines, Jhb. A self-motivated individual aged 35-55 to do daily invoicing and despatch, stock control and general admin work. Candidate must be computer literate and have general accounting knowledge. Fast paced environment, suits hard working  active individual. Email CV to

Al Mabroor Shariah Investments.
Cattle feedlot +/- (15%) p.a.Returns paid every 4 months.
Property Rental Return +/- (9 -10%) p.a. payable monthly plus capital growth & yearly increase.
WhatsApp/call Shabbir for more information 084 560 1727

Which jewels are mentioned in the Qur'aan?

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Social media slang

Social media has spoilt our ability to write using correct language.

We text "slms" instead of "Assalaamualaikum". Instead of writing with respect to an elder or family member by writing "How are you?", we text "How r u"?

Often the text message is written so haphazardly that we cannot understand what is being said. This leads to problems and misunderstandings. Sometimes, clarification has to be sought from the sender.

Our modern forms of communication have advanced, but our etiquette of communication has deteriorated.

We need to reconsider our basic values. These should never be lost no matter how busy we may be.

Respect, dignity, clarity, honesty and care should govern our texts, whatapps, posts and blogs.

Muslims at Work
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Personal Finance
Social Etiquette

Toilet and Bathroom

1. Do not waste time in the toilet especially when others are waiting. Some people smoke and speak on the phone while in the toilet. This is incorrect.

2. Do not face the qiblah or face one's back to the qiblah while relieving oneself.

3. Be careful that there are no splashes onto your body and clothing when making istinja.


Pearls, coral and emerald

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