The name of Salaahuddeen al-Ayyoobi  has been permanently recorded in the annals of world history. He was one of the greatest leaders and heroes that the world has ever seen. The Muslim Ummah recognises him as the liberator of al-Quds, yet his legacy is much more richer than a single battle or military conquest. He was a pious Muslim, a competent leader, a military genius, a brilliant administrator and an eminent scholar.

Salaahuddeen’s  bravery filled the hearts of his enemies with fear, while his compassion with the prisoners and the weak drew their respect. His life was one of piety, justice, forbearance, mercy, bravery, patience, abstinence, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, sacrifice and wisdom.

By studying the fascinating journey of his life, we will learn how he eradicated Shiasm, liberated al-Quds and defeated the Crusaders. Implementing the lessons he taught will inspire us to become better Muslims and to raise the flag of Islam in a world which desperately needs guidance.