The Qur’aan is an amazing book of Allah Azza ajal. Throughout history, it has had a positive effect upon various types of people. Even today, people’s lives are transformed through its words.

This book, ‘Inspired by the Qur’aan’, is a collection of general inspirational incidents related to the Qur’aan. In it are stories of the pious whose hearts trembled and whose bodies shook when they read Qur’aanic verses. It also has stories of non-Muslims who accepted Islam when they heard the Qur’aan being recited.

‘Inspired by the Qur’aan’ also touches on aspects of tilaawah (recitation), hifdh (memorisation) and the miraculous nature of the Qur’aan. We make dua that those who read this book may appreciate the greatness of the Qur’aan and that it will inspire them to make the Qur’aan a guiding light in their lives.